Dwyane Wade’s Eldest Son Zaire Embraces His Sister Zaya’s Decision to Transition

On Tuesday Dwyane Wade appeared on Ellen and candidly discussed his 12-year-old’s conscious decision to use she/her pronouns and request to be called Zaya instead of Zion. 

Since Zaya made her intentions clear, Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, have done everything in their power to educate themselves in order to be proper allies and better parents. That included Union reaching out to the entire cast of Pose

This familial outpouring of support didn’t stop there, Wade’s eldest son Zaire took to Instagram to express his support for his younger sister saying she is still his best friend.

“Man, I remember bugging my mom as a kid telling her I wanted a brother so bad. I was the only child looking for company and someone to look after and take care of. I have been blessed to have my best friend, Zaya with me for 12 years,” Zaire wrote. “We did everything together…we fought, we played, we laughed and we cried. But the one thing we never did was leave each other behind.”

He ended by saying, “I’ve told you that I would lay my life down to make sure you are ten toes down and happy on this earth. I don’t care what they think Z, you are my best friend and I love you kid, and if it means anything, just know there’s no love lost on this side.”

Celebrity Hairstylist and close friend of Gabrielle Union Larry Sims also took to Instagram to show his support for Zaya.

Sims shared his personal experience of growing up in a household with a sibling who transitioned at a young age. Sims went into detail about the challenges his sister faced as a trans girl living with a parental unit who was not accepting of her lifestyle and how that ultimately led to her untimely death.

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Sims concluded his story encouraging everyone to love on each other regardless of a person’s lifestyle or how they choose to identify. 

“Please just live people. Even when you don’t understand their process or their lifestyle or how they identify themselves with their soul and their spirit. We’re not here to judge anybody. We’re here to love everybody. So love everybody.”

And love is exactly what Wade, Union and their family are providing for Zaya.

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