You Mad At Beyoncé… or Nah?

People are calling for a boycott against Beyoncé…. Well, what’d you expect? Two days ago Beyoncé released the Pro-Black trap anthem “Formation” that has now been heard around the world. She performed the new hit song at the 50th Super Bowl, and the backlash is heavy. The performance sported several references to the Black Lives Matter moment, the Black Panther Party, Malcolm X, Black Power, Natural Hair, Black Girl Magic, Michael Jackson, and several other things some people in America hate on.

[“Will Beyoncé Tackle the Issues in ‘Formation During Halftime”]

The same people that loved Beyoncé when she wasn’t publicly weighing in on equality issues are now asking for her head on a platter. Oh how quickly the table turns. I could write thousands and thousands of words on how racism still exists. I could talk about how even though people like to deny it’s existence, white privilege exists. I could go into detail on how the affects of slavery, mentally and physically, still affect people today. I could take this time to talk about systematic racism. I could take a moment to tell you that the people offended by Bey’s performance are the people who apart of the problem, but I’ll just say good job Beyoncé!

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Thank you for taking a stand. 

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