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JCIf you are uninformed of what is going on, please read an article detailing the unjustifiable action and watch the footage of what took place against John Crawford in a Walmart on August 5th 2014. READ/WATCH HERE

Now I’m jumping straight in, so I hope you have read. Ready!? Let’s go!

1) The 911 caller repeatedly says that he sees Crawford pointing the gun and mentions him loading the gun.
Watching the video, it is clearly seen that Crawford does not ever aim the gun at a person. Briefly in the video, Crawford places the gun on his shoulder as he is walking up the aisle to his final destination in the store. He then immediately points the gun downward…. Which the 911 caller couldn’t see, because he kept informing the dispatcher that Crawford was pointing the gun. Right? Right.

2) The special prosecutor said both Sgt. David Darkow and Officer Sean Williams underwent department-mandated training on active shooters in July, saying the training required them to immediately”neutralize the threat” in such cases.
Here is the catch…. he wasn’t actively shooting! He never fired a shot. The FBI defines an active shooter as an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. Meaning he would have to have been firing shots at people in the store trying to kill them. But again, HE FIRES 0 SHOTS! So Mr. Special Prosecutor, please validate your reason for making this statement, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s irrelevant.

3) Finally, the article states that the dispatcher told the officers to expect a man pointing a rifle in a threatening manner.
You watch the video and tell me if that is what they saw.

Why is it okay for certain races to walk around with guns but not others? Why are there preconceived fears for the black man?

I can’t answer those questions for you! I can try, but that’s another post in itself.

The truth is that racism exists. The truth is that discrimination still happens. The truth is that all races may never be treated equal. The truth is that women may never have all the privileges a man does. The truth is that those that live a homosexual lifestyle may never be 100% accepted. The matter of the fact is that even though there may be 99 people out of 100 who stands against all those things just mentioned, there is likely always going to be that 1 person who doesn’t treat people fairly because of race, gender, and sexuality.  You can’t worry about what everybody thinks, because everyone is not going to agree on everything, but you shouldn’t have to worry if those sworn to protect you are apart of that 1….. And sadly this incident proves in America, we may still have to.

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– B. Smith

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There were originally 3 comments. They are below:

1) Frank [9/24/14 8:08pm] – Well said nephew

2) Jake [9/24/14 9:31pm] – Well reasoned, the world’s an ugly place sometimes.

3) Erica [9/25/14 10:20am] – Great Job! What’s your major? We shouldn’t concede to the 1%. Black people, women, homosexuals can be free from discrimination just not under this society.

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