What The Media Needs to Say about Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof

The man suspected of killing 9 people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Dylann Storm Roof, has been apprehended after a 14-hour manhunt. He was arrested in Shelby, N.C., during a traffic stop.

However, a lot of media is praising the safety in which he was arrested. The news stations are reporting how well he cooperated. They have to be joking.

It's PRAYING time?

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This was not just a hate crime, this was an act of terrorism committed by a White Man who did not like Black People. We don’t want to hear how he was mentally ill. We don’t want to hear how he was quiet and soft. We don’t want to hear stories about little Dylann being such a good kid in elementary school. We don’t want to know how he had plans to be such a great person.

Tell us how he was a thug. Tell us about his drug abuse that went pass the use of “marijuana” to popping pills like Xanax. Tell us about how he openly talked about his hatred for Blacks. Tell us about his prior arrests for trespassing and possessions of “substances”.

He killed 9 people. That’s the fact and what is important. Not that he was somebody’s son………



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