What Happened To Sandra Bland

Social Media is a powerful tool. Without it, the story of Sandra Bland may have never been heard. On Monday, Sandra Bland was discovered dead in a jail cell. The authorities reported it as a suicide, but her story makes that seems highly unlikely.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Sandra Bland spent the weekend with her family enjoying the holiday. Afterwards, she got her things and drove to Texas to interview at her alma mater Praire View A&M. And she got the job.

She was suppose to start her new job this past Monday, but it didn’t come to pass. On Friday, Sandra Bland was pulled over for improper signaling, which resulted in an arrest. The report says she was arrested for assaulting a cop, but America is not in a place where we believe everything authorities say. Here is the video of the arrest:

Sandra is heard screaming, “You just slammed my head into the ground! Do you not even care about that?”

Waller County Police Chief Glenn Smith said that the jailers saw her at 7 am this past Monday when she was given breakfast, and again at 8 when they spoke to her over the intercom, but that she was found dead the next hour. The autopsy ruled that it was a suicide. But that doesn’t make logical sense. Why would someone who seemingly had everything going in her favor, suddenly decide to take her life? Her family and friends agree.

They sent letters and called many people including the ABC-7 I-Team who recently reported on the incident. Some of the family members are saying that Sandra Bland was found hanging in the cell, but police have not confirmed the exact way she died.

Recently Social Media picked up this story and the hashtag #WhatHappenedToSandraBland started to trend bringing it into a broader light.

This is a tragic situation. Unfortunately in our times, it is not hard to believe that this might have been murder. Our prayers are with her family and friends. Please send your love their way. 

There is more to come to this story.

Rest in Paradise Sandra Bland.


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