Tyrese’s Shame Turning Into 13-Episode Miniseries

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Say it ain’t so! From the looks of things, it seems that Tyrese’s hit song “Shame” from his chart topping album Black Rose will be evolving into a 13 episode miniseries. The stellar singer took to Instagram to share the news:

It has not been confirmed what station or platform this will take place on, but I’m pretty sure his post is confirmation enough that it will be happening. The original short film that doubled as a music video was written by Tyrese Gibson, directed by Paul Hunter, and produced by Denzel Washington who recently showed the world his directing chops with the phenomenal winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

Some music videos just showcase the song with great visuals, but some music videos take you to another place where you feel every word and every expression on the characters faces. “Shame” did just that. The video invited you into a nitty-gritty world and gave you context to the people involved. It’s not hard to believe that this video can be adapted into a miniseries.

Are you excited? The Grammy nominated singer Tyrese is sure to bring us something special. And with Denzel Washington and Jennifer Hudson apart of this project, it’s sure to be a magical. Don’t sleep on R&B people! I’ll keep you updated as I learn more about the project.

Check out the music video to Shame below:

SN: Do you think Taraji will make an appearance in this series? 

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