Tyrese Is Igniting An Important Conversation


Tyrese has been out promoting his “last solo album”, Black Rose. He’s been captured on the bus, in the streets, on the subway and more trying to sell his latest project, but all the while he’s be on Social Media questioning why his music isn’t being played on mainstream radio.

On one of his recents posts, a fan commented, “Really? If you’re singing doesn’t make it on mainstream radio you’re going to blame it racism? Please tell me you haven’t stooped that to that level.”

Tyrese took the time to respond to her and break it all the way down:

Did you really go there? I'm racist? If only you knew what you were talking about – cause you don't – you're not in the business – and you would never understand the overall scope of radio, politics and limitations that people "decide" to put on your music and the "reach" of listeners and its audience – How could I possibly use the "race" card when I'm not a racist..?? I'm clearly speaking on this dear………. When great artist like, Robin Thicke, Sam Smith and Justin Timeberlake ( who I'm a huge fan of and know 2 of the 3 personally ) come out with song that specifically sound like R&B Soul…. They're songs and music is being played on ALL formats of radio Top 40, Mainstream, Rhythmic stations AND we love it as far as URBAN radio and we play their music…. Why wouldn't we it's amazing…. All I'm saying is THAT The love doesn't come back….. And I'm a statistics guy…. Know do your research….. I had a song called STAY AND Sam Smith had a song called STAY my song was #1 for 11 weeks and was ONLY played on Urban Adult Contemporary Radio and Urban Mainstream radio… And it STOPPED THERE….. 11 weeks #1.?? Grammy nominated overall album called Open Invitation??? I'm just talking about what MOST people won't…. I don't think it's fair.. And it limits the "reach" of fans and the overall music experience..::: it's my last solo album and I have nothing to lose…… I'm not mad, this is not a rant and I'm not a rebel…. I'm simply asking that ALL radio give my song #SHAME that's currently #2 on billboard headed to #1 for sure…:. Has a chance to FLY on ALL stations music has no race, has no boundaries, has no sexual preference….. If it moves your heart… If it charts…: it shouldn't be limited to just a white audience or just an urban black audience.::: That would be like me saying that ONLY black people show up to support Stevie a Wonder when he's on concert.? Ps…. I don't need to cross over Ive got over 6 billion in box office receipts under my name with 2 theme parks rides at universal studio… So please don't diminish MY point from assuming that I'm using the "race card" that's corny and doesn't usually work in your favor….

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Tyrese has point. People frequently question why White singers resembling R&B artists seem to do better than Black R&B artists across the board. Tyrese seems to be hitting it right on the head.

In better news, it seems that Tyrese is heading for his 1st No. 1 Album on the Billboard 200.

Congratulations to Tyrese! And hopefully this conversation continues to be had. The only problem minorities face in America isn’t cops shooting unarmed teens.


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