The Truth About Mo’nique Being Blackballed (WATCH HER CNN INTERVIEW HERE)

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Comedian and Oscar-winning actress Mo’nique has been a hot topic after her interview with The Hollywood Reporter where she said Lee Daniels, creator of new hit show Empire, informed her that she had been blackballed from Hollywood (Read Interview Here).

After Lee Daniels appeared on CNN with Don Lemon to clear up his side, Mo’nique did the same.

During her interview with Lemon, she expounded on why she hasn’t really been seen on the movie screen or T.V. since her Oscar win.

Mo’nique explained that the roles were coming, but that she wasn’t going to accept the roles that were being offered.

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What Mo’nique was saying was that she wasn’t seeking to play these roles. She was saying that African-American/Black women are more than capable to play other roles than just a slave or a maid. I encourage you to watch this interview. If you pay attention, you’ll see that Mo’nique is not changing her statement she made during her interview with THR unlike others are reporting.

Mo’nique also spoke about the situation that occured that apparently made her ‘difficult to work with’.

It’s funny that because she has standards or puts her family over her career, she’s not playing the game correctly. It’s also interesting how CNN’s Don Lemon bypassed Mo’nique’s comments on not wanting to take certain roles and attempted to make her being blackballed about the money and being difficult to work with… Watch the interview below and comment what you’re thinking:


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