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The baddest chick stopped by Howard University’s homecoming for an educational panel on music. Who might that be? The one and only Trina. The rapper is known for her hits like “Here We Go,” “Single Again,” and the infamous “Look Back At Me,” but the Miami native is also well versed in her field.

After critiquing some lucky Howard students that performed for her, MC Lyte, and Rico Love, I had a chance to chat with one of the baddest females to hold the mic about her favorite song and how she stays relevant as the music game changes.

(Beginning Of Conversation)

I’m here with the baddest. Hey Trina

Trina: Hey

So what is your favorite track you’ve done so far?

Trina: Uhh. My favorite track that I’ve done thus far? Hmmmm. I’ve done so many songs. Gosh, I would probably say….. “Here We Go” is my favorite track. It was a big record and international record. It was an empowering record for the women. It was one of those records about feeling emotions. I put a lot of emotions into that record. I would definitely say “Here We Go.”

Yeah definitely. How do you manage to stay current as the music game changes?

Trina: Well, you have to change with it while staying consistent. You have to stay involved. You have to turn over a new leaf. I feel like thats the biggest thing. You can’t be jaded. It’s all about being refreshed. You know? It’s all about great energy and the space you’re in. It’s all about being creative with what you want to put out there. I’m in a great space. For myself, I try to keep it that way and stay refreshed.

Okay. Now before you go, can you give me 5 adjectives to describe yourself?

Trina: Hmmm. Adjectives. Funny, Shy/Charming, Loud, Controlling, and Humble

Alright now

Trina: Laughs

(End Of Conversation)

It was amazing to chat with such an inspiring and dope person. Major shout out to the baddest chick for rocking with me.

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