#TopTeaMoments: 7 Favorite Moments from “The Real”

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The ladies of The Real are phenomenal. Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton-Herbert, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai, and Loni Love are perfection on Daytime Television living in their imperfections. I couldn’t think of a better cast of ladies to do what they do. Their friendship and sisterhood make this show what it is. The Real is sure to make you laugh, cry, dry your eyes, and do it all over again. Since we’ve just landed in 2016 and the girls return with new shows in just 2 days, I thought it’d be appropriate to share the best 7 moments from this year of the hit show! 

I tried to limit the best 7 moments to interactions between the women only, but I decided to throw in one video that wasn’t mainly about them. Let’s kick it off with Number 7. Grab your tissues, because here we go!

Number 7 – The Hosts Open Up About Being Bullied in School & Hollywood

In this clip, Tamar and Jeannie exchange comments about being bullied. They surprisingly both say that they still experience bullying today. They both encouraged each other like strong women reminding each other that she was strong and inspiring. It was such a special moment between Tamar and Jeannie. It was genuine and heartfelt. 


Number 6 – The Hosts Celebrate Tamera’s Baby Girl

There were so many great moments surrounding Tamera’s pregnancy. She told the world she might be pregnant on The Real; she confirmed her pregnancy on The Real, and she revealed the sex of her baby on The Real. But my favorite of them all was the surprise baby shower. It really showed how close all of the girls were and how happy they were for their girl!


Number 5 – Is There A Such Thing As Too Much Sex

While The Real is known to make you cry, it’ll make you laugh just as much. There were so many funny scenes to share, but we’ll just leave the one below. SN: That Tamar is HILA-RIOUS!


Number 4 – Jeannie’s Biggest Fear / Let Go of Your Inner Control Freak

These videos really show you what The Real is all about. It was so brave of Jeannie to share that story with the world. It was more than inspiring. Then to hear the advice that Loni was dishing in the second video and to see Tamera in tears for the good and bad times in her life… MAN…. This is what the show is all about. BEING REAL

Number 3 – Glammed Out – Reveal

I’m tired of people cutting onions while I’m watching The Real. This woman’s journey is crazy. As soon as she overcame one thing, she was hit with another battle, but you can see that she has the strength to overcome. Even with all of things going on in her life, she still has joy. That split second when she finally saw herself in the mirror was breathtaking. PHEW, this is one my favorite moments this year from The Real.


Number 2 – We Read You

THIS IS JUST HILARIOUS! Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant! Easily one of the best moments on the show.


Number 1 – Loni Stresses the Importance of Education: ‘Don’t Take It for Granted’

This is the my number one moment from The Real this year because it was simply real. It’s always a special moment when Loni opens up. Her words truly touched me: “I’m not supposed to be here, but God had a purpose for me.” 

This is so many people’s story. And it was powerful to watch her claim God as the reason she’s made it to where she is today. Such a beautiful moment from the show…


We watched the hosts experience real life this year on The Real. Tamera had a beautifully baby girl. Adrienne delved deeper into who she is. Tamar almost loss her life, but GOD! Loni had amazing opportunities after opportunities. And last but not least, Jeannie showed the world just how beautiful she is inside and out. In the words of Mrs. Mai, this year let’s step into fear because, “When you step into fear you step into faith.” (You think Jeannie missed her calling? lol)

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