Fantasia’s Top Five Songs

Fantasia’s fifth studio album, The Definition Of…, is set to be released July 29th. This week The Top Tea has been celebrating the songstress’ career and undeniable talent, and the celebration isn’t over yet.

It wasn’t an easy list to make, but I’ve attempted to make a list of Fantasia’s Top 5 songs. The list is based off of recognizability and popularity. Check out the list below:

#5 – “Bittersweet”

“Bittersweet” is Fantasia’s Grammy winning song. The song’s laid back track with Tasia’s stellar vocals easily make it a fan favorite. “Bittersweet” is on Fantasia’s third album Back To Me

#4 – “Truth Is”

If you’re a Fantasia fan, you know “Truth Is.” The song tells the story so many of us know. “Truth Is” is on Fantasia’s debut album Free Yourself.

#3 – “Lose To Win”

“Lose To Win” is low-key a Gospel song. The lyrics from this song explain how it’s okay to be down because better is coming. “Lose To Win” is on Fantasia fourth studio album Side Effects of You.

#2 – “Free Yourself”

“Free Yourself” is over a decade old and millions still know the words. “Free Yourself” is the title track for Fantasia debut album. 

#1 – “When I See You”

“When I See You” is iconic. You don’t really have to be a fan to know this song. “When I See You” is on Fantasia’s self-titled sophomore album.

Personally, a few songs from Fantasia first album could’ve made this list. “Collard Greens and Cornbread” is still the jam. And a lot of songs from Fantasia’s second album are slept on. What are your top Fantasia songs?

Don’t forget to purchase Fantasia’s fifth album The Definition Of… tomorrow.

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