The Walls Group Talks About Their Music & Their Personal Growth

Last week The Walls Group performed at the 100th anniversary of the Young People’s Division of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and shut down the stage. They came on the stage full of energy and of course killed with their vocals.

Following their performance, I (and other members of The Top Tea) was blessed with the opportunity to sit down with the group and briefly discuss music from their album, their current single, and their lives now.

(Interview Below)

*A few runs and riffs (they sing) occurred followed by a “We Ready”*

You guys were amazing tonight. Did you enjoy yourself on the stage?

Rhea Walls: (churchy) Oh yes.

Ahjah Walls: I almost fell. (Paco Walls: I saw that.) But the Lord got me, he do.

[Laughs] Now my favorite song on your album is “God On My Mind” featuring Brandy. It’s an amazing track. How was it working with her?

Brandy and The Walls Group

Ahjah Walls: When you look up to somebody for so long and that’s your biggest influence and then you get to work with that person it’s kind of like unreal. So I really still can’t believe it. She was so open and so sweet to us. She gave us good advice. She’s like sister Brandy now (Paco Walls: And she loves Jesus) and she loves the Lord (Rhea Walls: Oh yes, oh yes). We love her and she loves us, and we put it together just like a circle.

Amazing, speaking of your music, when is the next single coming out?

Darrel Walls: The next single is out: “Great Is Your Love.” Call your local radio stations and request it.

Will do. My final question for you all is how have you grown as people during your incredible journey as The Walls Group?

Darrel Walls: I don’t know how to say how, but we have grown. After being in the industry and seeing so many things…

Rhea Walls: I think everyone has matured a whole lot. In other situations we might’ve been like, “You know what. Imma slap you, Imma hit you, but now we walk away…”

Darrel Walls: It teaches you how to handle people. It teaches you how to handle life (Paco Walls: and its situations).

Rhea Walls: I think that we have matured a lot and grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We’ve grown in every aspect that there is to grow in. So I’m excited for what the next two years, what the next year holds because it just keeps getting better.

(Conclusion of Interview)

The Walls Group is truly an outstanding group past their vocals. They are real people who joke, laugh, and have amazing hearts. But don’t forget that they sing down (lol)! It was amazing to meet them, but I couldn’t let them go without getting this!

Make sure to call your local radio stations and requests The Walls Group “Great Is Your Love.”

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