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American Idol

The girls of American Idol came with their A-Game tonight! American Idol seriously has the most talent in one season than its had in years. If everyone could win, that’d be great, but it’s not the reality. So without further ado, here are The Top Tea’s – Top 3! (from the Top 12 Girls)

NUMBER 3 – Joey Cook

joey cook

Joey Cook sung a popular song by an Idol judge, Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You.” Her style is very unique. Unfortunately, some people will see her as too weird (but that’s what makes her cool). Others will see her as an amazing artist. Regardless of how you view her for her personality, you can’t deny that the girl can sing. Take a look at her performance:

Number 2 – Tyanna Jones

Tyanna Jones

She may be young, but she is giving the competition a run for their money. Ms. Jones sung “Lips Are Moving” by Meghan Trainor. She came out confident and delivered unwavering vocals. She’s a definite contender to become the next American Idol. Check out her performance here:

Number 1 – Sarina-Joi Crowe

Sarina Joi

Sarina-Joi Crowe has finally made it to the lives show, and she blazed! Sarina sung “Mama Knows Best” by Jessie J. Jennifer Lopez said after the performance that Ms. Crowe rivaled Jessie J with her performance. This just goes to show that you should never give up on your dreams! Check out Sarina’s performance here:

They are all amazing right? These young women should go far in the competition. There were honestly only two or three shaky performances tonight. This season is sure to bring some great talent!

Now it does nothing if you watch the show and don’t vote, so VOTE VOTE VOTE!

P.S. – Who was your favorite of the night?

-B. Smith

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