The Scoop on TGIT: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, & HTGAWM (2 Weeks Away)



The stellar Thank God It’s Thursday (#TGIT) lineup is only 2 weeks away. The steamy OG Shondaland show Grey’s Anatomy, the fiery Scandal, and the mysterious How To Get Away With Murder will return to our screens Thursday, September 24 starting at 8:00 p.m. EST.

So let’s get some scoop on these shows:

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s has seen many changes over the last year. In one year, the show has seen the departure of the infamous Sandra Oh who portrayed Cristina Yang and the tragic death of Derek Shepherd who was played by Patrick Dempsey. We also saw April and Jackson get married, get pregnant, lose a baby, and break up in less than 18 months. There are a lot of heavy things that occurred over the last season, but now the show is suppose to be taken a lighter route.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The McMansion has been dismantled. In its place stands a high tech new cadaver lab that will be home to a new anatomy class at Grey Sloan this season.

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Meredith is moving back into her Mom’s with her sisters Amelia and Maggie. Bailey is gunning for chief. Owen is finally moving on from Cristina. Callie and Arizona are dating other people, and April is trying to mend her relationship with Jackson. (Reminder: The show picks up three months after the wedding.)



Scandal left off on a weird note. A lot of Scandal fans are happy that Olitz is finally together, but Olivia has been dragged through the mud by this man, so hopefully this will be different. Cyrus and Mellie have both been kicked out of the White House, for the wrong reasons to add (go back and watch the last episode of season 4), and President Grant has invited his mistress, head fixer in charge, Olivia Pope into the White House to officially be his (how many times have we heard that).

Allegedly this love changes a lot of things. It is floating that Olivia has to hire a brand new staff, and that Quinn is setting out to kill Huck. Who really knows with Scandal.

How To Get Away With Murder



There is so much to say, but this promo pretty much sums up the intensity of the next season of HTGAWM.

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