‘The Game’ Reboot Not Moving Forward at The CW

An attempt to reboot The Game on The CW fell short.

The Game creator Mara Brock Akil and co-creator of American Soul Devon Greggory were set to reincarnate the show with a fresh start in Baltimore. The concept revolved around the original cast members mentoring a younger generation of “knuckle-head new-schoolers.”

According to Deadline, The CW decided not to move forward with the project in its current form but were open to redeveloping it with Akil. Akil reportedly declined the offer as she felt the pilot met her and Greggory’s vision for the next chapter of the series.

The Game has a long history of changes and revivals. The show ran on The CW from 2006-2009 wherein the original cast of women boasted a dialogue, reminiscent of its parent series, Girlfriends.

After The CW canceled the series in 2009, BET revived the show in 2011. The show ran for six additional seasons on BET.

The series will not be returning for now, but as we know, The Game has a way of starting up again.

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