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Are you excited? Because I am! BET’s The Game returns to our screens tonight! I’m not very happy that this show is coming on the same day as Empire (Taraji know she can act) and Blackish, but I won’t scream conspiracy. (hehe)

This is season 8 of The Game. Does it feel like it’s almost been 10 years since we were first introduced to Med School as Joan’s, from Girlfriends [AS WE WAIT FOR THAT MOVIE 🙂 ], little cousin who was giving up John Hopkins to move to San Diego to be with her mannn Derwin DingDong Davis? — The fact that this show is still on is a test to faith in itself.

OG Fans will remember that this show was cancelled by The CW, but it was picked up 2 years later by BET from fans advocating for it’s return. So The Game is not new to the game (did you get that? lol)

Then the show suffered a major blow when Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall exited the show after season 5. A move that still baffles me!!!! However, it did not end this show.

Two things have tremendously helped keep this show going. The first was the introduction of Chardonnay portrayed by Brandy, and the second was the return of Kelly Pits played by Brittany Daniel (BRILLIANT)!

Undoubtedly the show has changed. Most fans refer to best seasons of the show to be seasons 1-3, but honestly season 5 and season 7 are right up there as well. Season 5 really competes with seasons 1-3, but I guess what is really important is how good is season 8 going to be. I guess we’ll find out tonight!

Don’t miss the premiere of season 8 of BET’s The Game tonight at 10/9c!

P.S.: I can’t wait to see what Chardonnay do y’all!

-B. Smith

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