The Game Is Coming To An End (+ Season 1 Recap)

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The Game is officially coming to an end. This time next week, the show will be airing it’s final episode. It feels like an era is ending. The best thing about the approaching end of the show is that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall are finally returning as Med School aka Melanie and Ding Dong aka Derwin Davis respectively.

Many fans of the show were furious when they found out that neither Tia nor Pooch would be apart of the show after the 5th season finale. The ratings took a hit, and many believe the show would still be going on if it hadn’t been for two of main characters exiting. But just like in football when someone is traded, The Game kept going on.

The show has lasted four more seasons after the departure of Tia and Pooch, and it wouldn’t have been right for the show to end without an appearance from the two people the series was centered around. Don’t get me wrong, The Game was about Tasha Mack (pow, pow, pow), 40 million dollar Malik Wright, cheap a** Jason, and our girl Kelly Pitts too, but it was centered around how the football world affected Derwin and Melanie (who is Joan Clayton’s cousin).

With the end approaching fast, I thought we should talk about the best season: Season 1.

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Season 1 of The Game was everything. It was hilarious. It was thought provoking. It had drama. It had lessons. And it established The Game as a show to be reckoned with.

I think everyone was glad that Kelly was re-casted as Brittany Daniels after the backdoor pilot on Girlfriends. Tasha, Kelly, and Melanie’s chemistry was so much better.

In the first season we saw:

– Tasha date Malik’s coach (Kenny Taylor), sneak around with Malik’s coach, and go crazy on Coach’s T friend, and open up Tasha Mack management

– Melanie turn down a proposal from Derwin, use her bus pass (lol), meet up with Trey Wiggs and get caught on camera, and almost leave Derwin after the Trey Wiggs situation

– Kelly have a breakdown, get a job a Tasha Mack Management, and almost lose President of the Sunbeams

– Malik being Malik, dating a “big girl”, kicking his mama out, moving his mama back in, and shivering from OCD

– Derwin blow up with help from Dionne, be alone for Christmas, kiss Drew Sidora, sleep with Drew Sidora, lie about sleeping with Drew Sidora, and get caught in his lie

– Lastly we saw Jason being cheap, stop being cheap, start being cheap again, want another baby, and get punched in the face for joking to much

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There are so many more moments to highlight, but then we’d be stuck here all day. All in all the first season of The Game will go down as legendary.

What was your favorite moment from Season 1?


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