The Dark Swan Is Here (Spoilers)

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Once Upon A Time is finally back. Sunday nights just haven’t been the same, but now the show has returned. After years of fans asking to see the beloved Savior go bad, all of the Oncers were finally introduced to The Dark Swan, otherwise known as Emma as The Dark One.

The season 5 premiere picked up right where the season 4 finale ended. Regina, Hook, Snow, and Charming were trying to figure out how to get to Emma for the majority of the episode, while Emma spent time in the Enchanted forrest trying to resist the temptation to use her Evil magic.

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While in the Enchanted forrest, Emma hooked up with Merida (from Brave). The two went on a quest together, only for Emma to find out from the voice in her head that she would have to betray the archer to get obtain her desires. Speaking of the voice in her head, it was none other than the infamous Rumpelstiltskin.

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It wasn’t actually Rumple, but it was a manifestation of The Dark One as the immediate past person to hold the title. The fight Emma put up to not use dark magic gave us a better view at Mr. Gold’s fight.

Back in Storybrooke, the team desperately tried to find a way to the Enchanted Forest which led to the accidental release of a pregnant Zelena. Regina ended up figuring out how to cross over, and they ended up arriving just in time to stop Emma from killing Merida.

The whole gang ran into King Arthur and he escorted them to Camelot, but before they walked into the kingdom, the episode sprung us 6 weeks in the future. There, we finally came face to face with The Dark Swan. 

This season is setting up to be epic. Check out the promo for next episode:

There’s also a sneak peak:

Are you excited for next week’s episode?

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