The All Star Tribute To Babyface Was Perfection

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The Soul Train Awards honored Babyface with their 2015 Legend Soul Train Award. If you don’t know why Babyface is so deserving of this award, then you are probably are missing out on a lot of good music.

After he received his award, he and a host of singers performed a medley of his greatest hits. The lineup included the sensation, Tevin Campbell, our girl Brandy, the crazy talented Fantasia, the main man Bobby Brown, the group that still has it, Boyz II Men, and it ended with Babyface himself. When I tell you these people sung their faces off, I literally mean it!

Babyface said the performance was filled with his favorite artists. In a recent interview with billboard he made comments about those in the tribute. He had this to say about about Brandy’s performance and her talent: “I’m very proud of Brandy. She knocked it out of the park. I put her on the same level with everyone else. She is one of those special voices that don’t come around that often. Some people can sing, and they can sing sing, but Brandy can not only sing sing, but she has a voice and a tone that is unlike any other.”

Brandy is definitely a gem! They were all stellar. You have to watch the performance that was amazing from beginning to end! Check out the full performance below! Trust, it’s worth watching!

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