Tamar and Towanda Braxton Reconcile on Tamar & Vince

The Braxtons are like any other siblings. They have disagreements, they argue, and they make up. On the latest episode of Tamar & Vince, viewers got to see a sincere moment between sisters Tamar and Towanda.

In the middle of doing a million things, Tamar was forced to slow down after being taken the emergency room twice in one day. Tamar was admitted to the hospital for a vascular disorder called thoracic outlet syndrome which had caused her to develop blood clots. Her condition was life threatening. While in the hospital, her sister Towanda visited her, and they both instantly burst into tears. According to Tamar, it had been 3 months since they had seen or spoken to each other.

“Towanda comes to see me in the hospital, and I haven’t seen or talked to Towanda in about three months. It’s just so emotional for me because nothing is worth my sisterhood. I just want to be around my loved ones.”

It’s okay if the scene made you tear up. Sometimes life has to hit you to make you act on what’s important.

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