Tamar Braxton, Can We Have “Get Yo Life?”

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Every artist usually has songs that they record for their album that aren’t released. The majority of the time fans don’t know about the unreleased songs; however, the case is different for R&B songstress Tamar Braxton. Tamar stars in two reality shows: Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince. In these shows, we’ve seen her work on songs that haven’t been released like “Get Yo Life” and “My Love Is On Fire.”

When she returned to the game with her number 1 album Love And War, fans were sad not to see those songs and others on the project. Tamar at first said that she was planning on releasing a “Love And War Re-Up” the following year with unreleased songs and remixes. I don’t know if that project is still going to happen, but with the release of Calling All Lovers, it really made me think about these unreleased songs. 

Now obviously she can’t release every song that didn’t make the cut, but if she could just drop “Get Yo Life,” a lot of her Tamartians would rejoice. Check out this beat someone made based off the snippet from Tamar & Vince:

This beat is soooo sick. This song would blaze the airways. She doesn’t even have to officially drop it. It can just out of nowhere be out one day (lol). It doesn’t quite go with the sound of her new music, but it definitely is something she would turn up to. In the past, Tamar has said just because she likes ratchet music doesn’t mean she has to make it. Let me suggest that you drop this song for the one time haha! Check out the snippet with lyrics below:

Do you think she should drop this song, or should it stay in the past? Weigh in below:


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