Tamar Braxton Calls Donald Trump a Racist

Tamar Braxton called Donald Trump a racist on The Real today, and I completely, totally, 100% agree. Let’s discuss what led her to that making that statement. A video of a young woman being assaulted (call it what it is) by multiple people at a Trump rally emerged earlier this week. You can say, “Well Trump didn’t touch her.” But anyone can quickly reply with, “He didn’t stop and yelled for them to be out.” You can see what occurred below:

I am so glad Tamar spoke her truth on this topic. To many celebrities that are in positions to spread awareness on issues stay silent.  After exclaiming her disgust for him, Tamar said, “You’re not even in the house yet. Let’s just say, God forbid, you become the leader of the free world… You are already setting the standard of how you gonna run.” Tamar went on to say,  “You are a racist! You are already showing everybody who you are.” 

I loved what she said, and she is 100% correct. He is setting the standard for how he is going to run this country, but the bigger issue is that millions of people are buying into it. What does that say about our country? How far have we come when millions of people still view minorities as non-human. What change has occurred? It’s sad where this country is.

Watch Tamar Braxton give her spill on Donald Trump below:

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