Tamar Braxton Out Did Herself With Calling All Lovers (Review)

“Calling All Lovers! Calling All Lovers and Women and Men all around the World! Oh-oh!”

Tamar Braxton’s followup to Love & War, Calling All Lovers, has been out for over three weeks, but I’ve been throughly enjoying the project almost listening to it everyday, and I’m finally ready to weigh in on the songstress’ best work yet!

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The album kicks off with the Caribbean jam “Angels & Demons.” The song is amazing, and the video is equally amazing. This is the perfect song to start the album off with. The opening call is so unique and catchy. You can easily find yourself moving your hips to the song. After the Caribbean jam the album takes you right back to the 90’s with “Catfish.” Tamar sings, “Baby I know the real you / Don’t flex,” over a sample from SWV’s “Right Here/Human Nature.” This song is literally the jam.

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After “Catfish” comes that daggon “Simple Things.” When I tell you that this heffa (woman that sings really well) did the thang on that song… Lol. She is serving Etta James realness. That’s all I have to say about this song. After the traveling to the past, Tamar brings us back with “Broken Record.” She sings about trying to figure out where to go after getting her heart broken. She obviously didn’t stay broken that long because right after she hits us with “Never” where she is letting some dude know that he’ll never have her again. She recently posted on her Instagram about an ex hitting her up to ask if the song was about him. Check out her response:

After “Never,” Tamar sets us up for back to back to back out of this world vocal slayage. First she hits us with “Circles” where the end will almost have the too saved folks shouting (haha). Following “Circles” is her lead single from the album, “If I Don’t Have You.” Tamar pours her heart on the track out about not having the man she wants and needs. Then Tamar hits us with her song she deserves to have Grammys thrown at her for. “Raise the Bar” is arguably one of the best on the album. The arrangement of the song is perfection. Her voice is perfection. Her emotions were perfection. 

Tamar brings the jamming back with her quick track “I Love You.” The track is upbeat just enough for you to rock out to Mrs. Braxton pouring out gushy-feelings. Now when you love someone, that can lead to making love, and the songstress next track takes us there. On “Makin’ Love” Tamar sings, “Baby I can’t get enough / When we be makin’ love.”

Tamar Braxton Photo Shoot

The next two songs I can imagine hearing at a party. “Love It” is the type of song a girl get ready to twerk to, but the beat drop take them by surprise (lol). The song that follows “Must Be Good To You” will help you get your life. You can literally jump all over all the place or throw down on the dance floor.

As if she didn’t do enough singing, Tamar ends the album with two banging tracks. “Free Fallin'” is a real smooth track. Tamar sings, “It’s like nothing else matters to me / Whenever you’re around / You got me free fallin’.” After “Free Fallin,” get ready to throw Grammys at this girl again. “King” closes out the album. This daggon song is EVERYTHING! You guys hear me? It’s so beautiful. (Check her out singing it on The Real below)

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Tamar completely slayed the entire album. It is was truly worth any delay. This is what an R&B album is suppose to sound like. It’s literally one of the best of the year. 

Now depending on what version of album you got, you may have possibly gotten a deluxe version. The deluxe versions come with different songs depending on where you got it from. My favorite deluxe song is… “S.O.N.” Now when you look at the song you automatically think it’s about Logan, but as Tamar describes you fall in love with the “catchy, thotty” song it is. “Sex Over Nonsense,” stays on repeat (lol).

5 stars out of 5 stars! Love it! This is you! 

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