Tamar Braxton’s Next Album Calling All Lovers Pushed Back

Tamar Braxton - If I Don't Have You

Tamar Braxton’s fourth studio project (otherwise known as the continuation of her sophomore release Love And War) Calling All Lovers was slated to be released on Friday, September 11th, but the last week there hasn’t been much promotion, and it seems like the album is going to be pushed back. The album was originally projected to drop in April and then July. It’s first official release date was 9/11; however, the new rumored release date is October 2nd. 

If you visit tamarbraxton.com, there is not a set date for her album release.

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Also, the album is now available for preorder on iTunes (for a whopping $17.99) with a tentative release date of October 2nd. We don’t know what’s going on with the project, but her Tamartians seem to be split. Half seem to understand that things like this happen, and the other half are upset that they have to wait again. Both sides are understood. Hopefully the album will be out on the intended date.

We’re ready Tamar! 




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