Tamar Braxton Pens Heartfelt Post About Her Album Delay

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton’s fourth studio project and follow up to her number 1 Billboard album Love & War, was slated to be released on September 11. It was announced on September 11th that her album Calling All Lovers had been pushed back to now be released on October 2nd. The week leading up to when the album was supposed to be released, there was no promotion, and the songstress herself stopped promoting the date. Even after the fact, Mrs. Braxton didn’t respond to her fans asking what had occurred, but this morning, Tamar broke her silence and wrote a beautiful, inspiring message to all of her supporters.

“I struggled with this post for about a week and finally I have the strength, the will & the WANT to say ANYTHING about #callingalllovers since I found out about it being pushed back ?around the same time you all did…all things happen for a reason,some we are still searching to find. Some unexplained. Some we know crystal clear. But the bottom line is I went against EVERYTHING I preached and believed “never let a person stop you”.. Never give up and that I did.? I lost hope in something that is SO personal, SO real, So needed to say, SO needed to hear. Without thinking about MY purpose,which I know, but getting in my OWN way because of FEAR, Anger,& lost hope. But here I AM because of a simple Choice: change your mind and your heart! This album is a blessing I thought I would NEVER have. Love and War wasn’t “supposed” to happen. I was written off & forgotten about. But for some reason God saw fit. And so I HAVE to look at THIS album as an extension to his blessings. WHAT?? You gave me ANOTHER CHANCE?? It’s so not about who buys it. Who likes it. But the purpose. And God I’m sorry. I realize that u didn’t have to give me ANOTHER chance to sing,to tour, to do what I love. I was mad and caught up in me that I never announced my tour with Mjb? *who does that*?? but that was just me being my OWN enemy which I didn’t need to add MySELF to the list? I’m sorry to my amazing #tamartianfriends for shutting down & not keeping u posted. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on something. I feel like it’s my BEST work yet. In my opinion it’s BETTER than L&W!! So OFFICIALLY I am proud to say that you can pre-order my NEW AMAZING Album #CallingAllLovers on iTunes. And my new song #catfish. Please don’t be like me and stand in front of yourself!! Don’t miss your blessing because of YOU. Forgive then PUSH into your destiny❤️ #callingalllovers10/2″

Strong and beautiful words from the amazing singer. It takes a lot to write a message like this. Tamar, your honesty and artistry are appreciated. PUSH into your destiny. 

The Shade Room posted about Tamar’s heartfelt post, and one commenter also had inspiring words to share.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.56.32 PM

Ms. Simmons, we agree! Calling All Lovers is set to be released on October 2nd. You can also check out Tamar’s latest single “Catfish” here. It’s lit (lit = really good). You can see her actual post below:



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