Sunday Best S8E3 Recap

Screenshot / Sunday Best Twitter
Screenshot / Sunday Best Twitter

Praise God! The eighth season of Sunday Best is finally starting to feel like an All Stars Season. Every single contestant had killer vocals tonight. It almost seemed like a new season from last week to this week.

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The episode tonight payed homage to the Gospel musical genius John P. Kee. All the contestants performed songs of his, and Dathan Thigpen kicked it off with a classic of Kee’s, “Jesus Is Real.” Dathan came out singing his face off. He truly gets better week after week.

Brightnie Jones followed with her best performance of the season. She is taking the advice of Mentor Kim Burrell exceptionally and improving week after week.

Terrill Hall graced the stage next. He is a true worshipper. He took it right to the southern Baptist Church with “My Mind Is Made Up.” He was stellar as always.

Last week we said, “Tiquila is most likely going to come out next week and shut it down, and remind us why she was named after that good stuff (lol).” And that’s exactly what she did. She served the anointing fresh. You know you’ve done good work when Pastor Donnie starts preaching.

After Tiquila, Clifton Ross came through once again. Last week he proved that he is definitely worthy of being an All Star, and this week he solidified his place. Yolanda Adams agreed telling Cliff that she believes he’s ready.

How do you even write about the that performance? Zebulon Ellis came out dripping anointing singing “Standing In The Need Of Prayer.” That man started testifying about his mother having a heart attack and how God saved her through his prayer. Can’t nobody say He (God) isn’t real after that testimony. One of the best performances in Sunday Best History! Point, Blank!

Following Zebulon was our girl Martha Buries. Don’t you just love her natural rasp? Martha sung Kee’s “Wash Me.” The song selection wasn’t good. She did her best with the song, but the choice seemed to limit her ability.

Screenshot / @BETSundayBest
Screenshot / @BETSundayBest

After an amazing performance from the incredible man John P. Kee himself, the judges decided the one person that had to go. Tiquila, Clifton, and Martha were in the 3 called out. Why was Tiquila there? Who knows? In the end, Martha Buries ended up going home. While it was the right decision, if she had been given another song, she most likely would’ve made it to next week’s show.

This week’s number one had to obviously have be given to Zebulon Ellis, the number two to Tiquila, and the number three to Dathan Thigpen.

What do you guys think? Was the right person sent home? Do you agree with top 3 of the night? Comment your opinions!

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