Sunday Best S8E2 Recap

Screenshot/Bet Sunday Best Twitter
Screenshot/Bet Sunday Best Twitter

Sunday Best still isn’t seeming like an All Stars season, but tonight’s episode was good. So let us run through it.

Michelle Williams opened with her song “Believe In Me” from her album Journey To Freedom. She has an amazing tone, and she did a great job.

Terrill Hall kicked off the show for the contestants. He looked sharp as usual. It was a solid performance. I guess every performance can’t be like his performance on the season opener.

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Daniel Thigpen followed Hall and was the GOAT for the night. It was the perfect song choice. It was executed perfectly. He gets 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Next came our girl Tiquila. Pastor Jason Nelson cosigned a tweet that said she was little shy.

We all know that she can sing. She slayed last season. The truth is she really should have never gone home when she did. She was in the running to win. Tiquila is most likely going to come out next week and shut it down, and remind us why she was named after that good stuff (lol).

Martha Buries beautifully sung Kurt Carr’s “For Every Mountain.” But the truth is that nobody will ever do that song on that stage like Amber Bullock. It should be retired with Ms. Buries. Watch Amber’s performance from the fourth season below:

Now Zebulon Ellis had me feeling like I was at someone’s grandma’s church in Mississippi with his performance (haha). He did his thang. That is all.

Mama Sue’s performance was lackluster. That’s all there is to say.

Brightnie Jones followed, and she did good. The judges said it was her best performance thus far, but our favorite of hers is “God Blocked It.”

Clifton Ross closed the show with “Fill Me Up”. Last week we said the song choices were not that great. We wanted to see Cliff sing a slow song, and thankfully our prayers were answered, because he killed it. We only wish he had more time to build.

In the end, the judges decided to send home Mama Sue, and unlike last week, they made the right choice.

Now last week, Kim Burrell kept the shade consistent, but this week it came from Pastor Donnie. He tried to imitate Mama Sue, and Kirk called him out his shakiness, but Pastor Donnie clapped backed real quick telling Kirk “well you do it.”

And we have to give the funniest tweet of the night too:

Overall the best performances came from (3) Clifton Ross, (2) Zebulon Ellis, and (1) Daniel Thigpen.

Did you all enjoy this episode? Do you agree with our list of the best? Who do you think should’ve went home? Express your thoughts in the comments…

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