Sunday Best Is Returning With An All Stars Season – Here’s Who Should Make It


Your favorite Gospel singing competition is back this summer with a twist. Sunday Best is doing an All Stars season and the viewers (us) get to decide who comes back. The people over at Sunday Best selected 36 people for us to choose from and only ten will make the live shows. Voting started today (04/01/15) and will conclude on the 15th of April. We couldn’t choose just ten, so here is The Top Tea’s Top 13 that should make Season 8 of Sunday Best: (not ordered in any particular manner)


1. Drew Chambers

Drew Chambers

Drew Chambers surprised everyone when he auditioned. His tone is extremely unique. It came as a shock to most when he was sent home. We expect to see Drew Back! Look at his audition:

2. Tiquila Wilson

Tiquila Wilson

If you don’t remember, Ms. Wilson is the contestant that left American Idol to audition for Sunday Best, and we are all so glad she did. She is so clean with her art it’s sickening. Check her out singing with Season 7’s winner Geoffrey Golden:

3. Ashford Sanders

Ashford Sanders

If you ever wanted to know how someone could have a small range and still slay, take notes, because Ashford is your man. He’s had everyone’s heart since his performance of “Millions Didn’t Make It”. Check it out here: (low quality)

4. Clifton Ross

Clifton Ross

Clifton sings! Like, he just slays. That is all there is to say. Check out his performance with the Howard Gospel Choir at their live recording back in October:

5. Serena Young

Serena Young

Serena is so special. She sings like she was plucked straight out of a church in Mississippi LOL! Check out one of her amazing performances on Sunday Best:

6. Andrea Helms

Andrea Helms

Andrea Helms went on Sunday Best and showed out. A lot of people didn’t think she was going to bring it, but she sure gave Amber Bullock a good run. She has to come back. Check out one of her performances on Sunday Best:

7. Paula Champion

Paula Champion

Paula Champion was so smooth. She was smoother than butter. There is nothing further to say. She has to come back! Check out one of her performances:

8. Brightnie Jones

Brightnie Jones

Brightnie Jones can definitely sing, but she showed up and showed out and solidified herself as one our favorites after her performance of “God Blocked It”. Check out her audition here:

9. Michael Lampkin

Michael Lampkin

He is the real deal. He sings down and knows his word. Check out one of his performances from Sunday Best:

10. Tyler Little

Tyler Little

Tyler Little is something special indeed. Let us just say that boy can sang. Check out one of his performances from Sunday Best:

11. Candace Benson

Candace Benson

Candace Benson is the latest runner up on Sunday Best. We’re certain she’ll be back and ready to go hard. Check out one of her performances from Sunday Best: (low quality and sound)

12. Durward Davis

Durward Davis

Mr. Davis was the 3rd runner up in the 3rd season. Is that a sign? HA! We’re hoping that he can return! Check out one of his performances from Sunday Best:

13. Martha Buries

Martha Buries

Last but not least, Martha Buries should also make the All-Stars season. Her tone is impeccable. Check out her audition:

And there you have it! Those are the Top 13 people we generated from the list of 36 created by the Sunday Best Team. Click HERE to vote and see who else is on the list. There are a few people we would’ve like to seen on the list, especially Kefia Rollerson and Jessica Reedy, but the show must go on! Tell us who you want to see back.

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