Why Solange’s New Album Is Getting So Much Play

Solange released her third full-length album, A Seat At The Table, on Friday. The tracks’ earthy vibe combined with her sultry, smooth vocals produce a masterpiece. And just like her sister’s project, this album is unapologetically Black. It’s for us, by us.

Official Video for “Don’t Touch My Hair”

The entire album represents a piece of the Black story. From “Don’t Touch My Hair” to “F.U.B.U.,” this project embodies what Black America is currently feeling. We’re tired. We’re fed up. We’re hurting, but we’re still popping and magical. And Solange captures all of those raw emotions in this body of art.

“When I first started writing this record I was tired, filled with grief, and feeling broken. I felt so many got to create my narrative and all I wanted to tell my story, our story, in my own words, and in my own voice,” wrote Solange. She’s successfully narrated a story for millions and in the process created an anthem. 

Not only does this album touch on the physical experience of Blackness, but it also embraces the psychological aspect. The fourth track “Cranes In The Sky” is exquisite because it tells a different story to each interpreter. One person listening can relate the song to depression. Another listener can relate it to attempting to be woke and completely sane simultaneously.

Official Video for “Cranes In The Sky”

This album clearly identifies what Black America is feeling; however, the beauty of the album lies within the project’s ability to heal while providing a collection of songs to blast on repeat. That’s why this album is getting so much play. It’s not because Solange is Beyoncé’s little sister. She’s definitely an artist in her own right. And it’s not because she threw some rhymes on a catchy beat. It’s because she’s crafted a piece of art that truly reflects what’s inside and outside of us.

A Seat At The Table is available for streaming and purchase on digital outlets.

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