Solange Describes The Current State of Baton Rouge as a War Zone

It appears that Solange participated in the protests today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Protests have been occurring consistently since the death of Alton Sterling. Sterling was shot and killed by police on camera, and the community and world want justice.

Let’s Talk About the BRPD Murdering Alton Sterling

Yesterday during protests Deray McKesson, a nationally known activist and friend of Solange, was arrested. He happened to be live on periscope when his arrest happened, and it appeared he was detained for no reason. After being held for over 16 hours, he was released.

#FreeDeray: Activist Deray McKesson and 30+ Arrested in Baton Rouge During Protest

Solange has never been quiet on Black issues. After the Emmanuel nine were killed in Charleston, South Carolina, Solange sent out a tweet that struck the soul of many Black people who are simply tired. “Was already weary. Was already heavy hearted. Was already tired. Where can we be safe? Where can we be free? Where can we be black?”

These days it’s hard to literally know where Black people can be Black, and it doesn’t look like Baton Rouge is one of those places. After getting back to her home from protesting, Solange took to Instagram to describe her experience. She said Baton Rouge felt like a war zone. She continued to say that what was a peaceful protest quickly turned into a scene of terror by the hands of the Baton Rouge police. Check out her full post below:

This is America 2016. Where can we be free? Where can we be Black?


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