The Silent Genocide of Urban Entertainment Blogs on Instagram

Over the past weeks numerous Instagram accounts have been hacked and/or deleted. This happens all of the time, but there has been a recent string of these actions affecting Urban Entertainment reporting platforms on the social networking service. Some Urban blogs have experienced being deleted in the past, but multiple accounts have never been deleted like this. The problem is that this doesn’t seem to be a concern for Instagram, and it’s appearing to be an attack.

@ThaCelebritea, @SheGozzips, @TattleTailzz, @EntertainmentPrescription and @GinandTeaGossip are just a few of the accounts that have been evicted from Instagram without any explanation. Some of the blogs have gotten messages that they were reported by a third party, but their offense hasn’t been cited. Other blogs have just been hacked, but they haven’t been able to retrieve their original account.

This may not seem like a pressing issue to the general public; however, blogging is no easy feat. People have given up countless hours of their lives to build a platform that gives them a voice in the world today. Let’s not even get into the amount of revenue available in blogging. Social Media Platforms are a bloggers’ best friend. It’s the easiest way to interact with followers and get them interested in new content.

When someone builds their platform for years to become a recognizable source of information, being deleted out of thin air is unimaginable. The group of accounts that have disappeared would lead one to believe that this wouldn’t happen to platforms like Entertainment Tonight or the Hollywood Reporter.

These are brands. These are lives. These are futures that are being affected. Not agreeing with what these blogs post isn’t a reason to avoid the issue. If you have a social media account dedicated to providing Entertainment news, you should feel obligated to speak out. Instagram, what is going on? You definitely have free reign on your service, but this doesn’t seem fair. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

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Bryant Smith

Bryant Smith is the founder and owner of The Top Tea.

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