Scandal taps into SAW


Last night was the mid-season premiere of Scandal, and it was AMAZING! I don’t want to give to many spoilers, so we’re just going to chat. It almost seemed like a different show last night, and if you’ve been paying attention to the first part of season 4 and the latter part of season 3, it was a transition that has been in the works. (specifically for that episode).

We’re use to Olivia Pope and OPA being the fixers. Recently we’ve seen them tackling B613 in an attempt to fix the country. But now, Olivia Pope is the one that needs a fixer. She needs someone to bring her into the sun.

If anything stood out last night, it was the parallels to the shooting episode in Grey’s Anatomy [poor Dr. Percy dies from getting shot again, but this time like his love interest did in Grey’s…. Shonda is amazing] and the first movie in the SAW franchise. (SPOILERS BELOW)

ScandallIf you’ve never seen SAW, you definitely we’re out of luck last night because there were so many clues! Let’s point out 3 SAW connections: (sooo many more)

  1. The abduction was Saw-like. Liv didn’t see it coming and eventually was sedated until she awoke in a room.
  2. The room and the building should scream SAW alone.
  3. The biggest reference to SAW was the man that Liv was locked up with. Remember how in SAW jigsaw was in the room the entire movie…… I’ll leave it at that.

Besides what the episode referenced, can we talk how dope Livy was last night. I guess all the Popes know how to handle a gun! (Ahhh! Okay I’m done)

Can you make it till next week?

Gladiators, I am out!

-B. Smith


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