Resound Discusses How They Became a Group, New Single and More

Resound talks about how they became a group, their new single, and hilariously describe each other in the candid conversation below. 

The dynamic trio Resound performed at Livre’s album celebration. Livre recently released their debut album Jericho: Tribe of Joshua, and their celebration for it was an amazing experience. 

The celebration included Erica Campbell, Pastor John Nelson, Resound, Charles Butler & Trinity, Ruth La’Ontra, and more. After Resound’s performance, I was able to chat with them a little bit backstage.

Resound literally blew up after a video of the group singing “Total Praise” went viral. They have a talent that can’t be duplicated. It was a honor conversing with them. Check out our conversation below:

Beginning of Conversation

I’m here with the amazing Resound. I’m a huge fan of you guys. Tell me how you guys came together.

Jessica: We first started out 7 years ago. We met singing background in a play. It was us in a larger group. Gradually we realized we were the common denominator, so now it’s been about four years that we’ve been a group.

Yeah. You guys are now a viral sensation. Everything that you post, regardless of what time or day, it blows up. What is like going from that big group to this small group and now being a common household name?

Mariah: Wow. Household name?

Joseph: For me it’s overwhelming. We’re grateful for the opportunity, because we really didn’t expect to be a group. We were around the table eating food and just made some arrangements. So to see it go from just a post on Facebook with our mutual friends to now reaching millions is like, “What in the world? God you are amazing!”

Jessica: It’s very humbling, because all of it was an accident. My mom had cooked for us at her house. We were around the table eating, and we kind of just played on it. For us not to have planned this and to see how it’s spread and how it’s grown – we know that it’s God. We have to always keep in mind that humble spirit. God did this. There’s nothing we did to earn it.

Amen. You guys harmonies are ridiculous. The things you musically approach are out of this world. How long does it take you guys to come up with the arrangements that you do?

Mariah: It all depends on the song. A lot of the time we’re rushed to do certain things, because it’s something that somebody has requested. The Disney melody was something somebody asked us to do. That took us about three hours, because we had to send them something before the end of the night. It use to take us two days to do something. The more we sing together and spend time together, the more we know each other. We’ll just wing something, and say let’s do that. But we all come up with our arrangements together. We take the song piece by piece, and see if it fits together.

Joseph: Sometimes it doesn’t. (laughter) Sometimes it does.

Ha. So you guys have a new single out. How has the response been for that?

Mariah: It’s been pretty good.

Jessica: Yeah, I think its cool. It’s definitely different. We do so much stuff a cappella, and the single has music. It’s kind of like a bit of an adjustment for us and for the people listening. We’re still feeling it out.

Joseph: What we love about it is that it’s our testimony. (Jessica and Mariah: Right.) That’s why we strongly support it. We wrote the song together. It kind of tells you where we were in our lives, and how God’s love conquered all. It brought us to where we are now. It reminds people to keep on loving themselves as well as that God will keep on loving you. God is love.

Mariah: Love conquers all.

Right. So what is like be recognized when you go places?

Mariah: It’s a little weird. It helps us stay accountable. Can’t go to the grocery store and do what you want to do. (laughter) If somebody says something, cuts you off in the street (Joseph: Mmmm!), or tries to run you over, you have to watch what you say. People are like, “You sing Gospel don’t ya?” (Jessica: You’ll be in the Gotcha paper. *laughs*) It’s definitely a humbling experience. Sometimes I’ll forget what group I’m in, and somebody will be like, “Mariah!” But it’s a cool experience that is very humbling.

So before you guys go, can you give five adjectives that describe you in the now.


Mariah: As a group?

Jessica: Individually?


Joseph: Well one is awkward. (Mariah: One is definitely awkward.) We are definitely awkward people.

Jessica: He was saying individually.

Joseph: Omg.

Mariah: Ourselves? (Jessica: Mhmmm.) Oh Lord.

Joseph: I think we should do each other. (Mariah: Okay do me.) Goofy. (laughter) We’ll keep awkward for everybody. Mariah is also (laughs)

Jessica: You’re very honest. (Joseph: Yep!)

Mariah: (laughs) That’s probably not a good thing.

Jessica: I would say confident now. We’ve really gotten to know you, and it’s great to see your confidence.

Joseph: And genuine.

Mariah: Awwwhhh, y’all so ugly. (laughter) Okay Jojo is funny.

Jessica: Hilarious! I will say that.

Mariah: Shady, good God (laughs). Talented out of this world. He is beastly.

Jessica: He aight (laughs). What’s a good last word? I’m trying to think of the right word, because I don’t want to say grand. You just go for it. You know what I mean?

Mariah: Right! I was going to say dramatic, but I’m like torn between dramatic, driven, and determined. You hear the end of the Disney medley? That’s all him. He’s genius. Everything about him is.

Joseph: See this is really weird. (laughter) 

Mariah: He doesn’t like me complimenting him for some reason. (laughter)

Jessica: We’ll just say all that.

Joseph: Jessica! (Jessica: *excited scream*)

Mariah: Graceful. (laughter)

Joseph: Clumsy. (Jessica: I was about to say *laughs*) We can do both (laughs).

Mariah: She never gets angry. Peaceful. (Joseph: Yes!) She’s one of those people. If I’m ready to just go, she’ll be like, “It’s okay. It’s alright. It’s not even worth it.” (Jessica: *laughs*)

Joseph: She’s the peacemaker. And she’s ummm… (laughter) Why is this so hard for us? We’re with each other to much.

Mariah: I’m not trying to say anything bad.

Jessica: Oh God.

Joseph: (laughs) Be careful.

Mariah: She’s indifferent. She doesn’t really care about anything. (Jessica: Okay.) Somebody can be like her dress is ugly, and she’ll be like, “Really? They said that. I didn’t even hear that.” That’s just how she is.

Jessica: I’ll take that. Unbothered.

Joseph: And passionate.

Mariah: At the same time.

Jessica: Thanks guys. This was nice. (laughter)

Joseph: This was a nice bonding moment. Thank you so much for this. 

Mariah: This morning I didn’t have any food, and she bought me some. That’s passion. (laughter)

(laughs) Thank you guys!

Jessica: No. Thank you!

End of Conversation

Resound’s single “Keep On Lovin” is available for purchase. You can click here to purchase the song iTunes.

This group’s sound, chemistry, and anointing is incredible. Please support them. They are only getting started.

You can keep up with Resound on major social platforms @OfficialResound.







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