Here’s Why It’s Problematic to Start Believing Mo’Nique Now

On Tuesday Damon Dash filed a lawsuit again Lee Daniels for a breach of contract in a previous settlement over $2 million dollars Dash previously loaned Daniels.

Accompanying his lawsuit, Dash posted a video to his Instagram in which he confronted Daniels about the monies owed.

A correlation struck on social media with Dash’s complaint against Daniels and comedian’s Mo’Nique.

Mo’Nique has been claiming that she was unfairly labeled difficult by Daniels after not agreeing to do free promotion overseas for the 2009 film Precious. [The film she was paid $50,000 for and that grossed $63 million.]

Since the conversation begin, Mo’Nique has been consistent in her claims. She did nothing contractually wrong, and she wasn’t going to “play the game.” But as she continued making her assertions, adding Oprah and Tyler Perry to the conversation, she didn’t get strong community support.

Many social users exclaimed she was “doing too much,” and that “it was apart of her job” to promote the film; however, since Dash’s video has hit the scene, users have begin thinking maybe she is right. Maybe what she’s be saying all along is true.

Mo’Nique hasn’t changed her story, but a man pointing out Daniels credibility made many question their position on Mo’Nique’s complaint. And some users have pointed out why it’s an issue.

It’s problematic that her voice alone wasn’t enough, but unfortunately, that isn’t uncommon.

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