Pretty Little Liars’ Summer of Answers Starts Today

Prettly Little Liars

Fans have been following Pretty Little Liars for 5 years, and they still don’t know who the main AntAgonist is, but that begins to change tonight. The Summer of Answers (the first part of season 6) is going to finally answer long-burning questions. During the first half of season 6 (referred to as 6A), fans will finally learn the identity of A. Moreover, they will learn the identity of Charles who was revealed as A during the season 5 finale.

According to Sasha Pieterse, who plays Allison DiLaurentis, this will be the darkest season the show has ever had. The past 5 years have all been leading up to this huge reveal. It’s crazy to finally think A will be revealed.

The show is heading toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Season 6 and season 7 are shaping up to be the last of the show. During the 6A finale, the show will jump forward in time 5 years. So there are a lot of things to look forward too. Are you excited for the premiere tonight?


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