Police In Baltimore Wrongfully Shoot 14-Year-Old Boy

Here we are again. Another young black male shot by trigger happy police in America. Today, a 14-year-old boy named Dedric Colvin was shot. He is an eighth-grader at City Springs Middle School.

A Baltimore police detective shot the young man because he thought he was carrying a gun. There are no reports yet that say Colvin was waving the gun or looking as if he was about to use it, but he was shot just for having it. The alleged gun turned out to be a spring-air-powered BB gun — aka, not a real firearm.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis explained what occurred to the Baltimore Sun. Commissioner Davis told the Sun that two plainclothes detectives assigned to the Police Department’s intelligence section were driving in the 1100 block of E. Baltimore St. shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday when they spotted the boy with what appeared to be a firearm. The detectives got out of their vehicle, identified themselves as officers and told him to stop, Davis said. The boy began running, the officers gave chase for about 150 yards, and one detective shot the boy.

This seems to be a combination of Tamir Rice and Walter Scott. *Isn’t it sad that there are recent shootings to refer too? Check out these two comments below that pretty much sum up whats wrong here quickly.

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Of course many of the lovely citizens of these here United States are saying this boy shouldn’t have run. He shouldn’t have run!? From two people he couldn’t clearly identify as officers. What about the officers shouldn’t have shot a boy running away from them, Black or not. Although, I can tell you how this would have played out if he was White.

THIS is beyond old. Charge these officers. Stop defending them. And stop acting like it’s okay for people to use Black men as practice targets.

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