Georgia Pastor Calls Out the Black Church for the Hypocrisy in Condemning Homosexuality


“We pick and choose the scriptures that we beat folks up with, rather than look at our lives.” – Pastor Dewey Smith

A Georgia Pastor is making headlines after preaching about the hypocrisy in the Black Church condemning homosexuality. In his fiery sermon Pastor Dewey Smith tells his congregation that “you can’t evangelize and antagonize at the same time.”

“You are guilty of condemning the supreme court system and preaching against something,” preached Pastor Smith. “But if you look at half of our choirs *taps mic*… And we don’t say nothin’ about the gay choir director, because he’s good for business.” (My God)

Pastor E. Dewey Smith pastors at House of Hope, Greater Travelers Rest church in Decatur, Georgia. He is obviously no stranger at keeping it real.

Pastor Smith told the congregation that Blacks have treated Gays like the slave masters treated Blacks. He said, “As long as the choir sound good, I ain’t saying nothing about his sexuality. We have done what the slave masters did to us. Dehumanize us. Degrade us. Demonize us. But then use them for our advantage.”

He has a point, and there is no denying it. Check out his sermon below:


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