Our FLOTUS Michelle Obama Is Amazing

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The first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, decided against covering her hair while her and President Barack Obama were visiting Saudi Arabia to pay respect to the late King Abdullah. AND WE ARE ON HER SIDE!

First off, let’s be clear. Mrs. Obama is not being insensitive to their culture. She opted for a more conservative dress, but decided that she wasn’t going to cover her hair in a country where most women don’t have the authority to decide. She appeared a tad bit annoyed, but it’s not like we all walk around with a smile on our face 24/7.

People on Social Media have raised an interesting point, the United States doesn’t ask these women to uncover their hair when they enter The States, so why are they expecting our women to cover theirs up.

What do you guys think about that? First Lady Michelle Obama, keep rocking on!

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-B. Smith


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