Once Upon A Time Introduces LGBT Storyline

In a surprising twist, Once Upon A Time introduced it’s first LGBT storyline. Who’s the new couple in love? It’s Ruby Red and Dorothy from Kansas. In this past week’s episode back in Oz, Mulan and Red continued their search for Red’s pack, and while searching, they ran into Dorothy from Kansas. Red ended up scaring Dorothy’s dog Toto off and right into the hands of the Wicked Witch Zelena. 

(fast forward) After losing Dorothy in Oz, Red uses a tracking spell to find Zelena, and it takes her to the Underworld. Zelena reveals to Red and the Heroes that she put Dorothy under a sleeping curse. The only way out of a sleeping curse is true loves kiss. Towards the end of the episode in the Underworld, it its revealed that Red is in love with Dorothy, and she successfully frees Dorothy from the curse.

Many people have commented on the first LGBT storyline, and honestly I’m fine with a LGBT love story; however, the storyline seemed force. Red has always been with men, and there wasn’t a single conversation about that. And they had only known each other literally for a few minutes. A strong liking might have been likely, but true love was a far fetch. What do you guys think?


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