Omari Hardwick Shares How Denzel Helped Him


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Power star Omari Hardwick sat down with Loni Love recently for an exclusive interview for The Real. Omari revisits his past and discusses what it was like moving to obtain his success. During their conversation, Hardwick shares how Denzel and Pauletta Washington saved him from being homeless.

Omari shares that he met the Washingtons through coaching and becoming a mentor to their son. Overtime Denzel became like an Uncle to him and Pauletta became his aunt. They provided him with shelter and made him feel like family.

“They gave me shelter when I didn’t have a place to stay or whatever, but they sort of just allowed me to stay close enough to the family and so I sort of trained and transitioned into getting an agent and the whole thing and doing all these odd jobs, pursuing firefighting as a [indicating air quotes] back-up, pursuing it at least.  And on the day that I said no to the fire department, was the day that Spike Lee offered me my first gig.”

He goes on to share that after that first gig, Sucker Free City, he ended up homeless again due to the fact that it was a one-time shot. He recalls taking acting classes and having to shower at the YMCA. And he also speaks on being able to pay the Washingtons back for assisting him in his time of need.

You know, it sucks, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to make your way to the top. There’s something about losing it all that makes gaining it back greater. 

Check out a snippet of the interview below and make sure you tune into The Real February 8th to see the entire interview! You can check your local listings to see when it airs!

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