No, You Shouldn’t Have Attacked Jazmine Sullivan

An artist by the name of Thomas ‘TC’ Clay recently passed away. Many friends, fans and family have taken to social media to express their sentiments regarding his death. Yesterday, Jazmine Sullivan joined the people remembering Clay by posting about him on her Facebook and Instagram account.

Her Facebook post ignited a slew of negative responses that spilled over into Twitter once she deleted the post. Check out the post below:


The comments she received about her post were extremely negative, and I don’t think her post warranted the responses she got. It appears that the majority of people that knew about Clay’s passing are apart of “the church,” and it also appears that they are the same people that participated in the so-called “dragging” of Jazmine Sullivan. Very Christ-like.

Honestly, the post came across as a funny commentary on her memories of Clay. It seemed like a funny story someone would tell at a wake or a funeral to make the family laugh, but people bypassed the intent of the post and attacked Sullivan for the way she constructed it.

People should be happy that someone outside of the church recognized and applauded his talent. Death is an extremely sensitive subject, but the church low-key took an L for how they responded. Some people refer to “the church” referencing old members of the Black church when describing how the church’s actions can detour people from the word of God, but this current generation has picked up some of those detouring traits. And they put them on full display last night.

There was no compassion shown. Even if you didn’t agree with her post, this wasn’t something worth attacking her over. One of Clay’s friend took to Facebook to express her concern with the response Jazmine Sullivan received.

I can say this, because TC was my friend for 10 years. And hey, I may lose some friends….. whatever…. What SOME of y…

Posted by Marissa Farrow on Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Well-known Gospel Artist JJ Hairston also wrote about the post on his personal page.

Ok family, I understand how you feel about Jazmine’s post, but didn’t you all JUST say show love, no more drama, you…

Posted by Jj Hairston on Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Regardless of if it’s right or wrong, I do believe sometimes you have to put people in their place; however, this was definitely the wrong instance to do so. Yes, you may not have liked what she said, but she didn’t say anything negative, and she meant no harm. The people in the wrong here are those who are charged to spread love, yet failed and spewed hate. (And that’s my opinion, but you certainly don’t have to agree.)

Rest in peace Thomas Clay.



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