Nicki Minaj Decides to Pay Tuition Related Balances for Fans

Nicki Minaj handed out blessings on Twitter last night when she decided to help fans out with their tuition related balances.

It all started when Minaj announced an opportunity for fans to join her at the Billboard Music Awards. She told them to make a cover to her latest single, Regret In Your Tears, using

After making the video, they were instructed to tweet the video at Nicki Minaj using #NickiBBMAs for a chance to join her in Las Vegas at the BBMAs and a possible chance to kick it with her in the studio. (the contest is still open)

While tweeting about the contest last night, Minaj sent out a tweet saying she makes enough money to fly her fans from any country in the world to the BBMAs, so naturally one of her fans asked if she could pay for his tuition with all her funds.

Her response? She told him if he showed her straight A’s she’d pay it. In the same tweet she opened up the chance to potentially receive financial assistance to all of her followers.

Immediately fans started pouring in requests. A medical student tweeted Minaj saying she needed help, and Minaj simply asked how much. Then a fellow immigrant asked Minaj if she could help her pay for school, and Minaj responded with the following tweet:

Soon after Minaj let go of her 4.0 rule and began agreeing to pay for fans’ student loans, back balances, summer programs, books and more. She requested fans sent her proof of their reason for need and their bank account information. By the end of the night, Minaj had agreed to donate over $25,000 dollars. 

Minaj literally changed people’s lives. She ended her night of blessings telling fans she may do it again in a month or two, so it may be time to turn on your notifications if you need assistance! You can check out the individual requests by scrolling through her feed here.

Also, Nicki Minaj is up for the Billboard Chart Achievement Award. You can vote for her now by visiting the voting site or on Twitter by using #NickiBBMAs.

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