New Year New Me

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2015 rolls in tonight! Many people are going to set resolutions that they would like to see come to pass as the year goes on. One thing that has started to bother me are the people that condemn others for trying to change. Today and tomorrow people on social media will see “New Year New Me BS” statuses as much as they see resolutions. Research shows that 40% of people in America make New Year Resolutions and that only 40% of those people uphold their resolutions over 6 months. That is close to half.

Yes, I too have found myself saying before, “Why is (s)he saying this? He know he ain’t gone do it.” [the broken English is probably how I said it as well lol]

But I think that the only person stopping people from accomplishing their goals are themselves, so I will try my best not to add negativity to their journey.

It’s usually the unhappy folk that post the “BS” statuses anyway, but you didn’t hear that from me *grabs teacup* HAHA!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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