New Season of Tamar & Vince is Going Deep

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“The world think they know Tamar, but they haven’t seen Tamar yet.”

The next season of Tamar & Vince premieres on Thursday, December 10th. This season will explore Tamar’s “out of control schedule.” The songstress has been filming two reality shows, touring and promoting her new album Calling All Lovers, being a co-host on The Real, working with her clothing line, and so much more.

Recently the singer had to drop out of Dancing With The Stars due to sickness. What she originally thought was pneumonia ended up being blood clots, and the superstar is reportedly still in the hospital. According to her co-hosts, she currently doing okay.

The upcoming season of Tamar & Vince appears to be going deeper than any other season has. In the beginning of the season 4 promo Tamar says, “You know when you on stage and you don’t see nothing because of the lights. I don’t see nothing because I’m there but I’m not really.”

The promo continues to show Tamar trying to balance out her hectic schedule and becoming sick. It shows that we’ll learn what happened that night on Dancing With The Stars when she returned after going to the hospital. This season will be one for the books.

Check out the official trailer for Tamar & Vince below:

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