The City That’s Still Standing: New Orleans, Ten Years After Katrina

Photo Cred: Unknown
Photo Cred: Unknown

Ten years ago the lives of many changed forever after the tragedy of the hurricane Katrina. A decade later and there is still work to be done; but today is a day to celebrate those moving forward each and everyday. New Orleans represents a city of survivors, a city of courage, and a city of strength. The beautiful people that stroll through the French Quarter and turn up on a Fat Tuesday with a unique twang in their voice are each an overcomer.

We should never forget how our fellow citizens were treated during this time, but we should celebrate their triumph.

Tia Muse, a sophomore at the illustrious Howard University and one of the three amazing people featured on Being – In Black America, is a native of New Orleans, and had this inspiration to share.

Personally, I’m a fan of “celebrating” today. We are New Orleanians; we celebrate everything. We have second-lines for funerals…no one else does that. I feel like although Katrina was devastating for this entire city, whether you lost someone in the storm or not, today signifies survival. And in the second-lines and parades and barbecues, we celebrate the lives of lost ones, as well as the survival of the city. It’s only right; it’s the New Orleans way!

Today definitely signifies survival. This is a shoutout to the radiant people who may have let this unfortunate event hurt them, but not break them. This is a shoutout to the people who may have let Katrina hurt their courage, but not take their hope. This is a shoutout to the amazing people that are doing more than just existing, but that are living.

Our prayers are extended to those still picking up the pieces and those recounting what happened on this day. But remember, New Orleans will always be where it’s at. Few do it like The Big Easy!

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