Mo’Nique Says She Understands People “Canceling” Her After Defending Roseanne

After Damon Dash confronted Lee Daniels about $2 million dollars Daniels owed him, more people started believing Mo’Nique’s claims about being black-balled; however, her recent decision to defend Roseanne Barr may have dwindled the support she just gained.

While promoting a comedy show with Tone-X on KTLA 5, Mo’Nique decided to stand up for her “sister in comedy” Barr.

Barr recently lost all rights and was removed from her critically-acclaimed self-titled comedy series after sending out racist tweets likening the image of Valerie Jarrett, a Black woman, to an ape.

She’s since apologized saying she isn’t a racist and that she thought Jarrett was White, but it hasn’t changed the offended public’s view of her.

During her appearance on KTLA 5, Mo’Nique said she won’t throw Roseanne away for making a mistake.

She explained her loyalty to Barr recounting a time Barr appeared on her BET talk show The Mo’Nique Show.

“I remember when I had The Mo’Nique Show, and there were big, major Black superstar talent that had white representatives. And they told their talent, ‘That show is too black, and we really don’t want you to go on there,'” said Mo’Nique.

“But there was a White woman, named Roseanne Barr, that showed up for me, when people that looked like me… That woman, when we called, there wasn’t a question,” continued Mo’Nique. “She came and she sat on that sofa, and they didn’t hear the conversation when the cameras wasn’t rolling… And she said, ‘Mo’nique, I’m going to tell you right now baby. They’re going to consider you difficult. They’re going to call you the b word, because you’re a woman who won’t lay down and take that foolishness.'”

Mo’nique acknowledged Roseanne made a mistake, but that she won’t put her on the racist list.

As the conversation continues, Mo’Nique attributes traditional racism to her position on Roseanne as well. Watch the entire conversation below:

Since the interview has gone viral, Mo’Nique has received tons of backlash with many social users exclaiming that she’s canceled (like R Kelly and Kanye supposedly were).

She’s responded to the backlash saying she understands, but that she won’t throw her people away either.

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