First Look at Meredith Post Derek, & More Scoop on Grey’s Anatomy

Screenshot: Official Grey's Anatomy FB Page
Screenshot: Official Grey’s Anatomy FB Page

“The carousel never stops spinning.”

That is a lesson the Grey’s fandom has had to learn over the last year. In a year’s time, fans have seen the departure of the infamous Cristina Yang and the tragic death of Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy. We found out that Ellis and Richard had a love child (but who didn’t see that coming). And the beloved Japril (Jackson and April) may have come to the end. So what should we expect only being weeks away from the season 12 premiere? Here’s what we know.

The show will have another time jump. It will pick up three months after where the season 11 finale left off. Shonda Rhimes has confirmed that April decided to re-enlist, and that the show returns with her coming back, most likely trying to repair her severed relationship with Jackson.



Above is a first look a Meredith post Derek. Here she is captured look frantic with sisters and new roommates, Amelia and Maggie. Shonda Rhimes chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the unique arrangement. “Right now it’s very funny. Those three women are very different and don’t have very much in common, which is fantastic,” Rhimes says. “Meredith needs support right now and she is related to them so it’s not the same as when she was living with Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and George (T.R. Knight) and liked them. She doesn’t necessarily need to like them to love them and be in a house with them. It’s a fascinating dynamic — it’s family.”

Rhimes also told THR that this season will be lighter, and that the banter and laughter from the early seasons will make a natural return. All of the previously mentioned information has been confirmed, but the biggest rumor is that fans will see Cristina Yang return just for the first episode of the season. The rumors started swirling after she posted a photo of her and Owen, portrayed by Kevin McKidd, together.

Nothing has been confirmed or denied, so there may be hope. THR has a big scoop on the next season of Grey’s Anatomy, so click here to read all of their information.

Grey’s Anatomy premieres Thursday, September 24th at 8:00pm EST on ABC.

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