McDonalds’ Latest Stunt

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Grant Imahara went on a quest to find out what McDonald’s fries are made of. Even though a lot of people enjoy them, many people also deem them unhealthy and question what they are made of. He decided that he would work backwards starting with the fries in the store and trace them (hopefully) back to potatoes from the ground. This would be great analysis if McDonalds hadn’t paid him to do this. This is utter propaganda, and it is clear that his reports are bias. One commenter on Youtube proposed that if McDonalds wants to provide a truly unbiased report, they should have 12 nutritionists and CHEMICAL researchers come and label all the things harmful to our body from the fries. Check out the video below:

What do you think? Is McDonalds telling the truth? But honestly, you’re probably still going to get fries from McDonalds right? LOL

Tell me what you think below!

– B. Smith

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