Maybe It’s Time The Parents Become Santa … Hmmm

 Merry Christmas Eve all!

This a joyous occasion. Many people celebrate Christmas. Some people celebrate for the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. Others celebrate because getting presents is fun :)..

Nevertheless, the Holidays are a time when people are hopefully surrounded by their families and for a short time can let all their worries fade away! Today, I want to point out to people that are giving gifts to little kids an interesting thing I’ve heard: Maybe You Should Be Santa.

The reason behind the idea was that kids don’t really understand economic situations. If one kid gets a really nice, expensive present from Santa (because his parents are well off), while another gets a not so nice, inexpensive present from Santa (because his parents did the best they could), one child might feel left out by Santa. Is there a reason to explain why Santa didn’t bring both kids nice, big gifts if they both were good?

The idea suggests that parents (and other people giving gifts to children) should let small presents be from Santa but let the big presents be from themselves. It’s not saying to not buy your kids expensive presents because others can’t afford it, it’s just shining a light on something that can make an unfortunate child feel even worse.

Interesting Concept Right!?

Tell me what you think!

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-B. Smith

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