Malcolm Wicks’ “Charged Up” (#BlackLivesMatter)


“Tell me why they tryna starve us, we ain’t rich and they still tryna charge us. Not guitly and they still tryna charge us, let’s see what happens to the cop who killed Sandra.”

Those words were passionately spoken by the man pictured above, Malcolm Wicks.

“We soon gone put an end to all this drama, but this gone take more than depending on Obama. Somebody got to stand up, because they killing people with they hands up. Without that gun and badge show me that that man tough, I know the most expensive jewelry is handcuffs.”

The piece is titled “Charged Up” which is most likely a nod at Drake’s song “Charged Up.” While Drake and Meek are dropping tracks coming for each other, not that many artists are putting out music about the latest string of Black Lives that have been taken in a situation where they shouldn’t have.

We still want to know What Happened To Sandra Bland. Time will not erase those concerns. This man, Malcolm Wicks, is obviously ready for change, as he is using his platform to spread awareness. Check out the video below:

And if you’re feeling it, he uploaded a full video from a different angle. Check that out below:

Is this what “Charged Up” should really be about?

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